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research & benchmarking

"find out how you compare"

As a small or medium sized business, it's all too easy to assume that you're doing the right things at the right time. And in fairness, which SME business has the time to concentrate on anything but their pipeline of work?
Ascension Consulting has access to the very latest industry research across many business sectors and we can therefore provide you with a view of your industry at large which you can then use for strategic planning. As useful as that information can be, we all want to know where we stand against our competitors. So Ascension can use this research to go one step further and help you understand how your company compares against both direct competitors and the best of the industry at large. Now THAT can really be game changing...

strategy consulting

"plan your next move"

Knowledge of the industry and of your place within it, only constitutes a portion of the recipe for success. Information is largely irrelevant, if not followed with the development of a solid and enterprising strategy in order to give your company the best chance of accomplishing its ambitions.

Ascension have many years of strategy development experience and can combine industry best practice with your own corporate characteristics to produce an executable plan that can both drive growth and reduce costs. 

Market differentiation is the key to ensuring that your business can flourish and prosper. Using the strategy consulting services of Ascension can provide you with the best tools possible to ensure the ongoing success of your company.

organisational change

"transform your business"

It is a matter of fact that very few businesses have the ability or the proper human capital to successfully undertake transformational and organisational change. The inevitable result of this is that either;

  1. That essential change is avoided, delayed or simply ignored
  2. Change fails - either completely or partially - resulting in a business that gradually stagnates and falls behind the competition

Ascension Consulting is a specialist in this complex and yet important area of work, having excellent experience in designing and implementing change programmes.

If change goes wrong it can harm your business to a great degree. Let Ascension take the chance out of transforming your operations whilst you concentrate on growing revenue and improving your margins.

advice & guidance

"support when you need it"

All of Ascension's consultants have held board level posts in UK companies and as such they can provide valuable ongoing advice and support to help you run and grow your business.

This can take the form of a call-off contract, interim management or our most senior consultants can offer more permanent support as Non-Executive Directors. 

Our sole aim is to help your business develop, grow and provide the best possible products and services for your customers. Our trained and experienced staff will do anything and everything they can to provide the data, advice and support that you need in order to be as effective as possible.

Why not allow us to use our experience and hard-won 'battle scars' to help you avoid making the kind of mistakes that hold an otherwise excellent company back?

and Much more besides...

"everything you need"

Finance - Marketing - Service Design - Talent Analysis Executive Mentoring - Process Improvement Operations Consulting - Project Leadership etc...

Ascension Consulting opens the door to your ongoing success...

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