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who are we?

Ascension Consulting are a group of experienced business executives who decided to come together in order to be able to put their hard won know-how to good use outside of a single-company environment. In other words, we hope to be able to help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that we made!

Because our group constitutes experienced business executives, Ascension Consulting is very different from many of the consulting companies that you may have used in the past. We don't employ interns or graduates, you won't have a twenty two year old account manager trying to convince you that they 'feel your business pain' and you won't hear us dismissing your issues as 'easy to solve.' Instead, we can provide experienced counsel and help you to navigate the complex waters of revenue growth, cost control and business strategy.

our consultants

Experienced, (or battle scarred, depending on your preference!) our people have held board level positions across a number of industries and market segments. Examples include;

Managing Director (HR Services,) Chief Operating Officer (Telecommunications,) Chief Operating Officer (Transport, Manufacturing & Services,) Vice President (Professional Services,) Programme Director (various,) Chief Technology Officer (various,) Business Development Director (various,) Commercial Director (various)

One of the benefits of using our consultants is the range of B2B and B2C situations and experiences that they've been through. This is the kind of support that many businesses - particularly SME businesses - need and often can't provide for themselves. We are here to help.

services and charges

Please look at our Projects and Services pages for examples of the services that we can offer to our clients.

In terms of charging, our services are provided on an individual project basis and priced accordingly - with the exception of our ongoing advisory services which will normally be charged on a day rate schedule.

What we can say for sure is that our pricing is extremely competitive - particularly against a consulting industry that tends to overvalue itself!

Just try us and see. Contact and we will show you how competitively priced industry-leading consulting services can be. 


As you can see in the section above, Ascension consultants have experience across a range of industry sectors. What's different about our business, however, is that Ascension uses this experience to advise companies that mainly fall within the small and medium sized business space.